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Open concept; where do you stand?

Today in my search for interesting architecture news, I came across a forum where the discussion was centered on home design, and the “open floor plan” idea. We are mostly led to believe that this is what everyone wants. New homes all feature them, remodeled homes are trending towards them, and even the majority of home repair/ remodel shows tell the consumer this is what [...]

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I need to go to the Bathroom or is it Restroom….

I tend to have my nose stuck in a set of drawings all the time. I really wish I could say it was stuck in a good book, but honestly, I think my nose really likes being stuck in drawings. I find a set of architectural drawings fascinating. It doesn’t matter the age of the drawings, I could pour through them for hours. Drawings traditionally [...]

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Are you one of those Architects???

I guess I am finally starting a blog. I have been mulling this over in my head for quite some time. A blog always seemed to be a good idea, I just never had the motivation to fully take the plunge and write. So day after day I sat and thought about what to write, until now, when I finally committed to putting my thoughts [...]

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