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Willow Square Mixed-Use

Three buildings were constructed on this piece of property, all of which were built in a factory, using modular construction techniques. The building consisted of two mixed-use buildings, and a series of 8 town home buildings containing 16 individual units. The town homes were constructed as a simple modular two-story home, with the units making up half of the home. These units where then stacked end to end to create the series of townhomes. Each unit is approximately 900 square feet. The two mixed-use buildings were built with the base level as a steel moment frame, and the upper level apartments being built as modular units. The modular units put together created 11 apartments of sizes varying between 1,100 square feet to 1,600 square feet. The modular units were installed on top of the site built steel moment frame. Once the modular units were installed, enclosed and weather tight, the lower levels were enclosed with traditional construction methods, and fitted out with shops and restaurants.

This project has become an icon in the neighborhood, and the speed at which the buildings were constructed has become a point of conversation for all who witnessed the construction process. We were proud to participate and partner in this project with K2 Architects, Stephens Development and iQ Modular Homes.

Chautauqua Lake Cottage

Having owned the property very near Lake Chautauqua in Western NY, for a number of years, the home owners decided it was time for a change. After having a brief discussion in regards to renovating the existing, it was clear the prudent decision was to demolish the existing home, and build new. Desiring a quick construction period, and a desire for uniqueness, the project very quickly evolved into a modular home. The modular design became a quite simple 1-1/2 story home. The first floor was divided into two equal (factory built) modular boxes, with the upper floor being finished on site. The modular roof system was raised as the home was lifted and set upon the foundation. Once enclosed and weather tight, the construction crew went to work and finished the home quickly and efficiently.

Prior to the home ever arriving on site, the modular boxes had been constructed in a factory setting, with as much construction completed as possible. When the shipping date finally arrived, the modular boxes had windows, doors, drywall, electrical, plumbing, finish trim, kitchen cabinets, finish flooring, the fireplace (and stone), fireplace mantle and many others pieces already installed. The efficiency of modular building allowed for a much shortened construction timeline.