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We specialize in the design of:

Custom Homes – Prefab / Modular
Remodels / Renovations – Additions – Multi-Family

Custom Homes:

More often than not, the property a project will be constructed on, requires a unique and custom project, that cannot be purchased. They require a solution unlike any other, a solution which must speak to the uniqueness and specialty of the surrounding environment. Whether your project resides in the heart of a downtown area, or on acres of serene land devoid of any nearby neighbors, the project must appropriately fit into the landscape environment.


In this day and age, nothing is easy; construction of any project can become quite a headache. By utilizing the speed and simplistic efficiency of modular construction, your project can meet or even exceed that of a traditional construction approach. More often than not, modular buildings can be just as beautiful and creative as a traditionally built project. We strive to continually push the boundaries of modular design, and create truly unique and beautiful modular buildings (standard residential modular design, custom residential modular design & small scale commercial modular design).

Remodels/ Renovations:

Sometimes you already own your dream home. Years and years of memories have been built up in your current home, and those memories are impossible to replace. Instead of simply abandoning your home and memories, maybe renovating and remodeling are the best option. Sometimes a simple interior finish update is all that is needed, or maybe it is expanding spaces to more easily accommodate your lifestyle as you age. No matter what the situation, our thorough design process will vet out the needs and wants, and bring your current home up to the living standards that you desire.


As we have stated, sometimes you are living in your dream home, and all you need is a little more space. Throughout our design process, we will analyze your current home, and offer our suggestions to make the additional living space the most comprehensive and cost-effective as possible.


Sometimes, the need to supplement you income, or provide a possible retirement comes in the form of owning rental properties. Whether that is through duplex type units or projects on a much larger scale, we can work through the rigorous code and accessibility requirements that allow such a project to get off the ground and into development.